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To the driver of NI5 HUA, a Black Range Rover, which was parked on the bus stop at Manor House outside the Finsbury park gate this evening at 7:30pm.

I fully realise that you were probably quite embarrassed to have been moved along by a 141 bus and that looking in your side mirror before you pulled out was the last thing on your mind. However your temerity in yelling at ME for being on my bicycle and 1 metre away from your vehicle as you pulled out with your foot flat on the gas really got me. In fact I think I used the K-word in describing just what kind of gentleman you were.

I saw a Freelander (whose registration number I fluffed in the indecision between trying to remember yours, that one and the registration number of a young bloke on a scooter trying to race me) racing you to the lights at Endymion Rd which both of you went through when they were quite red. He to Sainsburys and you up Endymion Rd, I assume to some lovely Ladder flat where you can now read this diatribe.

Anyway, to the point - you scared the sh*t out of me and I would like some payback. I have your registration number and I am determined to see your "vehicle" on the back of a truck with at least two tyres devoid of air.

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I can't help but think "What a tosser" whenever I see someone driving a Range Rover in London: selfish, arrogant, macho tosser. Could well be the same black Range Rover that nearly took me out near manor House in the Autumn. Obviously too busy and important to wait in slow moving traffic, he or she suddenly decided to do a u-turn, without indicating, and missed my bike by an inch.
What a twunt.
It's a local car John - I've seen that registration around on Green Lanes a few times.
My sympathies, John.

One of the features of the Internet age in which we live is people Googling their own name to see how important they are (or not). If Mr Range Rover driver Googles his own registration plate currently, he will see your complaint as the #1 match. Perhaps the answer to the question 'How am I driving?' is a Google search away?
Someone did that to me a while back and a beefy chap on the bike behind me sped after him (I'm a tad slow on my 1993 ladies Pioneer) and said something so wonderful / scary that the driver waited for me to catch up and apologised.

Incidentally what K word? Or do you spell the C word with a K up at your end of Green Lanes?
Someone called Nishua?



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