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Back in 2008, the Council decided to abandon the Civic Centre in favour of Woodside House. Then in 2015, it started looking for a developer to develop the site for housing. Three years later, English Heritage listed the building. Since then the Council has decided that they love the building after all and last year announced plans for a revamp

These plans have now moved on and last night, the council’s Cabinet gave their backing to the next stage of the revamp. This will see the addition of an extension, to enable it to become both the council’s main office building as well as, what the Council describe as a thriving civic hub - new community areas and spaces for the public to attend and participate in public meetings.

The building is currently closed due to serious safety and structural issues will undergo a £54m scheme will transform it, with the provision of high-quality, modern offices for up to 900 staff in a new annex, along with new community and civic spaces. 

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How on earth can this cost £54m? Always considered it a montrosity.

I agree £54 million is a ridiculous amount. What exactly are they planning?

Apparently they are using the same supplier of Putin's gold-plated loo brushes. Here's an article on this in the Ham n High.


It may be that the costs are so high because the Council locked the building up and walked away as was the case for Hornsey Town Hall causing untold damage over years to the internal structure and fittings as a result of water penetration. 

I'm attaching an extract from the relevant cabinet minutes. But I don't think it'll give much of a cost breakdown. I imagine that would be kept back as commercially sensitive.

As I understand it, £24m is for refurb. £30m for the quite substantial looking annexe (covering the space across which the photo at the top of this page was shot).




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