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Next LGBT+ Pub Meet Up at The Salisbury or Brouhaha

So we’ve been doing the fortnightly meet ups for a few of months now and they’ve been great!

Lovely group of people. Mix of ages. 

The next one will be next week.

If you are interested, please send me a connection request and I can add you to the group with venue, dates and times.

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I am interested. I used to organise a group called, 'HarinGAY'. We used to meet in Cafe Lemon, Green Lanes. DM me, please.

Hi Justin! Great to hear about the HarrinGAYS! I’ve sent you a connection request on here. x

We even had our own blog. If anyone wants to pick this up I'll happily hand over the keys. DM me. Pam.


Hi Pam, I’ve just sent you a connection request. x

Hi there

No idea how to send a connection request but would love to join the group


Just sent you a one, Matt :-) If you look at the top right of your page- it’ll say HoL Mail, Alerts, Connections and you’ll see a request. Accept that then I can message you with all the details. X

Done! Thank you 

Have I missed this? Would love to join :)

Hi! I’ve just sent you a connection request so I can give you details of the group. X



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