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New War Memorial for Harringay - unveiling on Remembrance Sunday, 12th November

On Remembrance Sunday, 12th November 2023, we will be unveiling a new war memorial for Harringay at St Paul's Church on Wightman Road. 

The old war memorial was destroyed in the church fire in 1984 (more on that here and here), and we couldn't even find a record of the 150 names on it. Thanks to local historian Bethany Burrow Atherton piecing them together from archives, and a collection taken from local people, we now have a new war memorial ready to hang as a tribute to the men who gave their lives for this country in the First World War. It's a hand-produced calligraphy panel, framed and bearing poppies.

This project began a few years ago as a fitting reinstatement, to honour some local heroes. However, it now feels all the more important, with war in Europe and the Middle East, as a way of remembering the terrible cost of war.

You are welcome to join our Act of Remembrance and unveiling in the churchyard and church lobby at 11am on 12th November. Or you can come and see the new memorial at a later date. We hope it will last for many years.

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Well done to you and Bethany. 

Thanks Hugh.

Thank you. This is so reassuring.

I've been in despair at the thought of the massive march through London being planned to overshadow Armistice Day.

Hi everyone - I just wanted to give this a little nudge up the forum. As Pete says, I've spent a lot of time working on making sure we have all the right names on the list - we've even been able to, where appropriate, make a few spelling corrections (there were a lot of Sidneys. And Sydneys. And they didn't all have the right vowels.) I've got to know the men on this memorial and those who survived the First World War over the last nine years or so and I see them (somewhat selfishly, I suppose) as "my boys", so I'm thrilled that we've been able to put together a fitting tribute to the fallen and it would be great if you could join us on Sunday to remember them and others who've lost their lives in wars, as well as taking a look at the new memorial. 

Well done Bethany.  Your "boys" must never be forgotten.

Wonderful news. Well done to everyone involved.

Did either of you keep track of what became of the memorial in the old Town Hall. Many years ago I asked Clare Kober (former leader of the council) about its fate during development. She said she's talk to a few people, but she never got back to me again and I lost track of it. I wonder what the hotel company has done with it? I can't imagine they'd have wanted to keep it where it was. 

As far as I know, Hugh, it's still there, but I don't know for certain. It's on my list of things to follow up. I'll get to it.

A few pictures posted here



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