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I just passed a new vegan cafe at 503 Seven Sisters Road, just past the junction with St Ann's Road heading towards Manor House. Does anyone know when it is going to open?

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To be fair, a lot of vegans are a very easy target for ridicule. And I say that as one who eats a plant-based diet with occasional fish.

If a person is a dick surely it's because they are dick not because they are a vegan? One wouldnt or at least shouldnt pick on a persons race or religion in the same way. It's just 'othering' isnt it? It just sounds like vegan is just the easiest stick to beat them with. 

Fair point.

I just get fed up with people who try to force the vegan propaganda down other people's throats. I don't think it does the cause any good. There's plenty of good science to support their position without resorting to bad.



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