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Picture: Hugh


A huge 20 foot high street art mural appeared on Waldegrave Road off Turnpike Lane last night. A van parked right next to it made it hard to get a good shot. Signed by Irony & Boe.


Picture: Hugh


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its not that good

It's outstanding.

I'm with you on this one Eugene.


Love it

Here's a pic of the mural at the early stages from the Flickr page of Irony, one of the artists responsible:


                                                                        Picture: Irony (The Artist) © All rights reserved


I note that on another of his pictures he has this picture tagged as "#bringbackbanksy".

On the Flickr page of the second artist involved, Boe, we learn that the picture took about four hours to paint. There's also a comment by another Flickr user saying "they are coming back....".

So sit tight, it seems that Banksy made have made the area around Turnpike Lane tube station a popular one for street artists.


Two Artists made this piece: Boe is on http://www.flickr.com/photos/db-7/ and Irony http://www.flickr.com/photos/whoamirony/

I agree. Its Fab! it would be rather nice if the area drew more artists and media types. Is the start of things to come for the area.... 

Shepard Fairey, Turnpike lane, then The Banksy story and now this new addition... pop up art, makes the place more appealing. ...

Fantastic :-)

Thumbs up!! Definitely.

I think it's horrible! It's too big and ferocious looking. Not very inviting at all.



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