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I noticed a tfl facility at the corner of Colin rd and green lanes this would be an ideal location for a tube stop close to Salisbury local restaurants and might reduce the traffic in the area esp if traffic calming were introduced by HC. does anyone know if this has been considered. Would be a huge bonus for the area and those who have to walk a distance to manor house or turnpike lane.

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It was planned when the Piccadilly Line was first extended. But it was dropped. More here

I think it’s very unlikely in the foreseeable future. 

There is already a ventilation station at the Top of Colina Road. This was a proposed Piccadilly line extension station, and In theory could be turned into a new station if the desire/need was there.


I think there once was a plan for an intermediate stop betwen Turnpike and Manor - somewhere near the overground bridge at the arena end? Hugh may have something.



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