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With a particle haze a regular site over Green Lanes, I spotted this new article in the Guardian, which brings together the results of studies in a number of cities:

"The particle pollution downwind of restaurants was greater than that from major roads. Plumes from areas with lots of restaurants spread hundreds of metres into residential districts.

It is now estimated that commercial cooking produces about 13% of the particle pollution emitted in London."

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It would be interesting to see some local data on this. I re-developed asthma when I moved into the area and I suspect air quality is the cause but this is hard to confirm.  It might be the restaurants, might be traffic. It might just be me getting older. It would be helpful to have something more to go on. The only information available is for Haringey as a whole which is relatively low pollution for London, but there's no street-level data that I know about.

The clouds of smoke that hang over Green Lanes because of these restaurants is a disgrace. 

The council should hang their heads in shame.



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