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New Secondary School option for next year (not State or Academy though)

North Bridge House, which has educated the siblings of rather notable local luminaries, are opening a new secondary and 6th form college in Canonbury right next to a 341 bus stop and not far from Essex Rd station: North Bridge House, Canonbury.

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 " ......North Bridge House group which is currently comprised of four schools...... "

They won't be teaching English Language  then ?

Oh I'm curious. I can't see the error. Teach me something!

The usage "comprised of"  is sometimes flagged as a mistaek. However the Oxford English Dictionary gives examples dating back to 1874 - including one from the Daily Telegraph in 1928.

http://www.oed.com/  - Sign in with your Haringey Library Card number preceded by HAR.

Correct usage is  " is composed of "  or  "  which currently comprises four schools "

Alan - " is comprised of " is just wrong. That you can find examples of an error does not make it any less of an error. Many cyclists go through red lights but that doesn't make it acceptable, even if they were doing it as early as 1874  

An interesting piece from a respected authority - http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-com5.htm which includes -  Sir Ernest Gowers objected strongly to it:

" This lamentably common use of comprise as a synonym of compose or constitute is a wanton and indefensible weakening of our vocabulary "

Bill Bryson wrote in his Dictionary of Troublesome Words of 1984, “If you remember nothing else from this book, remember at least that ‘comprised of’ is always wrong.” Bryan Garner concurred in his Modern American Usage of 2003, “This phrase is always wrong and should be replaced by some other, more accurate phrase.”

As you are well aware, John D, the link you gave cites two examples from the strongest opponents of the passive usage you dislike. While elsewhere the short article suggests that "opposition is weakening". 

It also says "this passive construction has been in use for nearly two centuries". And that "the complaints against it may be thought illogical ..."  and that "the times they are a-changing".

True, it ends with a warning for "... a serious writer who values their reputation" . But that ain't me, babe. Anyway, I'm glad Bill Bryson finds Wonton indefensible. No chance of him holding forth in our local takeaway.

Dommage que nous n'avons pas d'Academie

Dommage que j'aie change d'avis en ce qui concerne la necessite d'utiliser le subjonctif  Sorry don't know how to do accents - an acute, even grave failing.

In addition to the 'comprised of' error, there is the use of the singular: 'North Bridge House, which has educated...' followed in the same sentence by the plural: 'are opening a new secondary...'
Think I'll keep my kids in the state system, thanks.



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