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When I was walking along the New River this afternoon I noticed that a short section running east from Green Lanes for about 350m has become a sort of unofficial local nature reserve. The notice below appears at both ends of the section along with the enclosed species lists.

Does anyone know anything about it? The notice says 'I welcome additions to the list' and I'd like to know who to get in touch with. The list of flora is very impressive but the animals list is a bit sparse. I keep records of birds in this area and have recorded 44 species this year on the section of New River between Green Lanes and Seven Sisters Road (most interesting ones Kingfisher, Little Egret, Lesser Redpoll, Little Grebe, Red-crested Pochard) and I would happily send my list to whoever this is?

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That's really good to hear. I'm sorry I don't have contact details for this person but would you mind telling us more about the species you've recorded this year? 

This is my list.

  • Blackbird
  • Chaffinch
  • Chiffchaff
  • Coot
  • Cormorant
  • Carrion Crow
  • Collared Dove
  • Tufted Duck
  • Little Egret
  • Dunnock
  • Goldcrest
  • Goldfinch
  • Canada Goose
  • Little Grebe
  • Greenfinch
  • Black-headed Gull
  • Grey Heron
  • Herring Gull
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull
  • Kingfisher
  • Magpie
  • Mallard
  • House Martin
  • Moorhen
  • Ring-necked Parakeet
  • Feral Pigeon
  • Wood Pigeon
  • Pochard
  • Red-crested Pochard
  • Lesser Redpoll
  • Robin
  • Shoveler
  • House Sparrow
  • Starling
  • Mute Swan
  • Swallow
  • Swift
  • Blue Tit
  • Great Tit
  • Long-tailed Tit
  • Grey Wagtail
  • Pied Wagtail
  • Green Woodpecker
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker
  • Wren

And a quick read through that reminds me that there are 45 species really. I also see there is no Blackcap there, which seems unlikely! 

Thanks for posting that Chris, it's made my day :) So lovely to hear you've seen Kingfisher there. It's heart warming to see such diversity in such a small section of path in inner London.

Actually the linearity of this habitat makes it a great place to see Kingfishers. I probably walked along that section of the new river last winter a few times a week and saw a Kingfisher there on at least 80% of those occasions. So far this winter has been poor though, I've only had 9 Kingfisher sightings at Woodberry Wetlands since summer and not one along that part of the New River

That's an amazing list. I wonder how simillar if would be now, six years on. 



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