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Hello all;

I just wanted to let you know that a few of us are going to do a clean up of the New River between Wightman Road and Hornsey Station on Sunday 2 Oct between 10am and noon. We’ll meet at the Wightman Road end betw 201 and 203. It shouldn’t take more than the two hours suggested. Please bring gloves. If you have any questions or concerns, please email James at jamescowling1963@yahoo.co.uk. Hope to see you there. 



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I'll try and join you.

There was a big dump last week, up by Dick's. I've reported it to Thames Water. I'm not sure if they'll have cleared it by Oct 02. 

The last photo shows rubbish up where the tent stood by Hampden for a few weeks. I haven't looked too closely, but one of the bags looks like it might be worth taking care with!

Hi Hugh;

Yes, I've seen this too.  I sent something to the council.  So, hopefully betw you and me, it will get cleaned up.  I also saw the tent.  I was there when the police were there inspecting it.  It might be gone by that time too.  I did ask if the person/people would get support.  He hoped so.  There is an agency, can't remember the name, the deals with these things.  I live nearby so I will keep my eye on it.  Cheers, James 

I’ll come, thanks James. It’s looking really grotty at the moment.

I thought Haringey wouldn’t clear anything from this stretch (private land) and it was up to Thames Water - is that wrong? 

That’s my understanding too, Alison. Since the path is Thames property, Haringey seem quite firm on leaving Thames to deal with it.

I got in touch with the council recently about rubbish that was under and near the dog poo bin. I also said there was a bin full of rubbish a little further down the pathway. The council took it all away. They may take it, they may not. Can’t hurt but try. James 

Any street rubbish I report on the app is usually collected within an impressive 24 hours. So if it's there much after that, they’re probably not in the case. However, since it’s also been reported to Thames, if it is cleared, we wont be certain who did it.

As I said, my understanding is that Haringey won’t touch the path, but who knows, they may have changed their attitude. So, perhaps it’s worth checking with them if this is the case. Maybe approaching a councillor is the way to get an answer on this?

Getting a councillor is like winning the lottery. Lol. I do enough so I’m getting involved in this Hugh. Let’s just hope it gets cleared up.  I totally  get your point. I only contacted the council as they did it last time.  James  

Interested to read your report that they did it last time. If that's the case, that's good news because they're much quicker than Thames. 

Prompted by your comment, I called Veolia to ask them about their responsibility for the New River Path. The woman I spoke to wasn’t able to answer me immediately. So she said she would ask management and email me a reply. Below is the pertinent part of her reply.

I have asked management about this and they have advised me that Thames Water is responsible for this.

Hugh, this thread is about a clean up along the New River not about to-ing and fro-ing about who is responsible for cleaning it up.  Let's just hope that it will get cleaned up regardless of who is responsible.  We shouldn't even have to do a clean up, but if we, the public, don't do it, it would never get done.  So, can we just leave who is responsible out of this and just ask people to help out on Sunday.  Thanks for this.  James    

It’s good to know who’s responsible for clearing it away though because if volunteers had left the rubbish they’d cleared up on council owned land then they’d be at risk of being fined for fly tipping? At least now you know to contact Thames Water to take away rubbish which volunteers collect on Sunday. Well done for organising this, it’s such a gem in our local area, one of my favourite places to visit.

Sorry to wind you up, James. That's not my intention. I see the thread as being about keeping the river path clean, of which your excellent initiative is a part. Outside these occasional clean-ups, it's important for people reading the thread to know who to contact to get rubbish collected and other problems dealt with. 

For the record, I email Thames Water on customer.feedback@thameswater.co.uk. The response isn't as fast a Network Rail's, but they do respond and deal with issues that are reported. 



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