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The new Rakkas Cafe opposite McDonalds, though Turkish, seems to be offering a welcome change to most eateries on Green Lanes (click menu to enlarge).


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Please no outside heaters, this is just throwing out CO2 in the atmosphere, have a little thought about our environment and live in tune with your seasons...

Thank you everyone for your comments here and thank you for uploading the menu Hugh. Nice vegetarian options there too I see. Even though I am not totally vegetarian I like the idea and often go for a meat free dish e.g. in restaurants. Definitely will be checking out Rakkas very soon.

Every friday and saturday 8 o'clock we have live music!

me and partner visited this restaurant today, the service was fantastic and the staff were friendly and welcoming... we ordered a few starters including prawns from the hot starters menu and they were to die for... tables were wiped and napkins wer changed after the starters to prepare us for our main course...:))).... i would highly recommend this place to anyone and would give it a 10/10.... we paid a little over £40 for our meal but would of paid £100 without any hesitation as the servive,food and atmosphere was brilliant... i could go and on but trust me if your looking for a nice place to eat then this is the place to be at! 

That's weird, cos the only time I went there the service was a real let down. Very pleasant, but a ridiculous wait despite it being empty, and my girlfriends soup was cold when it arrived, maybe this was an anomaly though. I'm going out for brunch today with my sister so maybe I will give it a second chance.

We went there also around February and it was exactly the same, we were the only ones for a good hour before being joined by another party but the wait was so long it became evidently embarassing and this despite most of us following the chef's recommendation... It was fish and being a keen cooker of fish on bones I can tell you that nothing could justify the wait - must have been at least 1h1/2. The fish was not particularly good value either and was served with... nothing! 'Thanks to' the long wait we got some freebies in the form of houmous and salad as a way to apologise. I will not go back until I read persistently about a dramatic change in service, it just does not compare to other places on Green lanes.



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