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The place next to Snug is being redone. Workers there say it will be a Mexican taco place, opening in a couple of months time.

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Hoorayyy! That's good news. Let't hope is a proper Mexican and not a Turkish restaurant, with a Mexican twist....(as much as I like Turkish restaurants)...

well tacos are just a small doner

A proper Mexican taqueria would be amazing and I would be in there several days a week if that were the case!

Yesterday the workmen volunteered that it’s to be French Mexican. Not sure how seriously to take that. 

Hahaha it's probably a Kebab proprietor who reads this forum diligently and is basically laying the groundwork for the prank of the century.

The French had quite a big influence on Mexican cuisine which came about when Napoleon III invaded and put in Maximillian I as Emperor from 1861 to 1867. and later under Porfirio Diaz (1877-1910) Mexico was heavily influenced by European culture (remember, the USA wasn't quite so developed in those days).

French influence particularly shows in Mexican breads, soups, and fish dishes.

Wow. Great news!

there used to be a place on Church St that claimed it offered the best of French and Welsh cuisine. It closed down

I shouldn't think it would be two cuisines. I'd assume it would be more a matter of the one being influenced by the other. Nowt wrong with that - if it works. After all many people regularly eat English Indian, English Chinese etc.

Is there? What's it called?


It's actually very good.



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