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Hello all, 

We have recently moved to the area and fallen victim of The Rogue Trader. We need to assess whether the damp that the trader had set out to do has been fully taken care of and would like a certificate for the work and for the jobs to be completed. 

Also interested in finding a flooring trade person to finish off and fix the wooden floors and assess the wooden decking in the garden. 

Finally, we have ordered a new kitchen for delivery next week, which we were due to entrust to the Rogue, and our supplier Wickes will be unable to install until January. If anyone knows of anyone reliable who is familiar with their appliances who could fit this for us, we would be keen to hear. We had also intended to open up the kitchen by knocking one of the walls (part of the entrance corridor).  

If anyone has recommendations for these items we would love to hear from you. 

Thanks in advance 

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Regarding the damp, I can strongly recommend Andy who runs http://www.refreshpsc.co.uk

He's saved us well over £10K after a 'Which recommended'/'BBC expert' damp company declared we had rising damp.  In his view, there was no rising damp and he was right, the sources were a leak and a clogged drain. 

Thanks so much Mark, will definitely look them up.

Out of curiosity and self-preservation, who's the rogue trader, so I can avoid in future.

If you prefer to keep it private let me know via the HOL mailbox feature.

BTW, welcome to the area. It's great and seems to be constantly improving.

Oh a builder based in Paddington so no risk there! His name is Johan, I will happily name and shame fear not...  Thank you, we love it here and so glad we moved Norf. 

We had our kitchen/diner knocked through and new kitchen installed by Radek Tober and his team: 07912891266 or radektober@gmail.com

He can also do flooring, garden work and pretty much anything else as he has a large team of trade contacts. 

Thank you so much Kate, were you pleased with end result? Sounds like he can do everything we need doing so will definitely contact.



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