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A small new block of flats has been planned for a hidden site behind rows of houses in the Gardens area of Harringay.

The block of land between St Ann's Road and Cleveland, Chesterfield and Warwick Gardens, is currently home to what appears to be a somewhat derelict looking double strip of garages. Originally used as a one of the many commercial sites worked into the backlands of Victorian and Edwardian housing, it has been used as garages since the 1940s.

If approved, the new plans will see a small and uninspiring two storey pitched-roof building containing 5 flats.

Sadly, a much more promising looking plan, which received approval last year, is to be abandoned. This ditched plan would have seen a pair of distinctly modern town houses built on the plot.

The current applicant dismissed this plan as proposing dwellings of distinctly unconventional architectural style. They clearly feel that their dwellings of a more conventional style are to be lauded. (Though of course the truth of it is that a block of five very unprepossessing flats will turn a much bigger buck than two modern town houses).

Let's home the Gardens Residents Association objects and can nudge the Council towards encouraging more family housing.

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Thanks Hugh. I was looking through this the other day; thought it a bit of a shame to design something with a flat entirely in a loft and two in a basement with lightwells only as a new-build, but hey. I imagine like you say the developer realised they can make a larger profit and 5 flats will be much easier to sell than 2 houses on that site.

I should have added, it's apparent from the planning application, that the property has been sold since the last application was made. So new developer, new attitude to profit.

I'm all for family housing, but please don't forget us average earning singletons who weren't lucky enough to make a family and, above all, any new housing needs to be affordable for all! It's so disgusting how those who made the community we now all enjoy are being forced out due to austerity cleansing.



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