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We've noticed a new cat appear in our back garden quite regularly on Vartry Road - it is very skinny but possibly that is just the breed of cat! It has tried to get into both my house and my neighbour's, so we were trying to figure out if it is a stray or just very friendly!

It seems to have had recent surgery (shaved patch on left hand side) and was wearing a red collar when we first saw it, but has since ditched that, but hopefully means it has a home. 

Hoping to just reassure ourselves that it isn't a stray so we don't feel bad for not feeding it!

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Looks very much like one of mine. I'm also in Vartry. But she's not had recent surgery or a red collar so unlikely! And I don't think she'd try to get into another house as she's very scared of people. Which part of Vartry are you in?  

We're down the seven sisters end, there's a definite shaved patch so probably not yours unless it has been sneaking off for a hair cut haha! 

Just guessing here, but that shaved patch could mean she's recently been spayed. And she looks quite young. So maybe she's just out and exploring the neighbourhood for the first time.

And don't feel guilty about not feeding her. Cats are chancers, and will take whatever they can get. Please be very sure that a cat is a stray before you feed it or take it into your home. 

Thanks Pat, that is definitely my philosophy too! 



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