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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Network Rail have formally announced on their website that Wightman Road bridge will reopen on Monday 5th September:


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It was fun while it lasted.

Oh bloody great!  (italics in lieu of ironics)

Now could the Royal Mail unlock our pillar boxes - top of Mattison and outside La Vina - by midnight on Sunday 4th September?  Next time they find Wightman Bridge being repaired, March-September 2141, I'd appreciate it if they didn't sneakily lock up our pillar boxes again for the better part of six months, forcing me to trudge to Green Lanes P.O. even when I have a walletful of their overpriced stamps. [OK, pedants, 1d in 1840 may be £1 today or £1,000 in 2141 - but my 1840 wage was appreciably better than my likely pension annuity three centuries later.] 

Boooooooo! As you may guess, I am in favour of this being a permanent state of affairs... it's been rather good.

Yayyyy! Best news we've had in ages (I don't even drive a car). Street party anyone?
Got to be the funniest post of all time
A lost opportunity to improve the lives of 15, 000 people
sad times. We'll go back to breathe pollution. Let's hope the weather will get cold soon so we can at least keep our windows shut
So what do you think the residents of a Green Lanes have been breathing?


According to the pollution reports from before and after the closure residents of Green Lanes ALSO saw a 30% reduction in NO2. I expect the evidence to be posted on here soon but also expect you to continue to believe your existing opinions.

You believe a lot don't you.

Let's just talk about this one thing. You are breathing 30% less NO2 on Green Lanes since Wightman road was closed.



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