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Anyone know a local person that would do this small job ASAP? 

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Are the hot/cold and waste pipes in situ?, if not you will need a plumber to plumb them in. If they are, it is a simple job.

Hi Xavier.

Yes, really only the waste pipe that needs connecting correctly. I think a new waste unit that has the waste pipe connector will need to be fitted. As I say, a small job, but annoying one.

Hi Dom, If it already has the feed pipes plumbed in there must at some point have been a waste pipe (assuming the job was completed). If there is a sink u-bend nearby it is possible it used that, if there is a tapered pipe about 4 inches long sticking out of the u-bend that is it. Connect your waste pipe to it but there may be a blind grommet/washer inside the base of it which will have to be removed (easily) otherwise the machine won't drain.


Charlie from CAJ plumbing is local so might be able to help. 07710043110. He has replaced a bathroom for us and done small jobs. Very reliable and helpful.



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