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Hi there

Has anyone bought a bike in the last week or two?

 Daft question I  know ...but  are there any to be had?


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Hi Rosemary,

My neighbor is selling a road bike. I actually have it in my garden. Happy to take a picture and post it here if you´d like to have a look.

Hi Jose

Yep ... a picture and a bit more info would be great thanks

Morning :-) sorry it took so long.

I've attached a picture to this message. He's asking for 150. From what I see, it only seems to need to get the chain lubricated.

Let me know if you'd like me to out you in touch.


No worries Jose

not quite my style ... thanks anyway 

Wheely Tots might have something suitable. If you fill in the form at www.wheelytots.com/kit they can check and see if they have anything the right size. 

Hi Rhi 

thanks I'll check.... I want an adult bike !!!

Have you tried Bikes for good causes?  Be worth giving them a shout to see what they have.

Hi Koma

Thanks ...but I think you donate not buy ... as Ive donated one in the past.

I was wondering if anyone had bought one from an actual bike shop... thanks 

They sell refurbished bikes, but I know they were flying off the shelves at the beginning of lockdown

ok thanks a lot 



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