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My son has booked an appointment to give notice of a civil partnership. The council sent him a confirmation email, but it didn’t contain his or his proposed partner’s names. He has been on the phone almost every day this week trying to get this rectified, without success. For some background, his partner is an American citizen and they need to provide evidence of this appointment to the home office as part of their visa application.

Today, on call number 4, he’s been told that the names are not meant to appear in the confirmation email (despite there being obvious spaces for names in the text). During other calls, he’s been told that the registrar would contact him, or that the missing names were because of a technical issue, and a new email would be sent. In other words, during every call, he’s been given a different excuse/problem/promise. He’s at the end of his rope and just needs help getting through, as this has been going on for weeks, delaying their visa application.

Any suggestions anyone? It really is getting desperate.

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Hi again,

I've had a word with Luke and he will be happy to help. Just send him an email with your and your son's contact details plus any reference number that you have. The best email to use is luke.cawley-harrison@haringey.gov.uk 



Fantastic, thank you David. 



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