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Need a new computer - does anyone know someone who puts them together for a living?

Our 7 year old one appears to have died, I bought a replacement in June which had to be fixed a week later, worked for 6 months then crashed again, and an evening's work got it going again only to crash the next morning before I'd had time to save files etc.

My mum in Yorkshire had a local firm put together a new desktop machine to her specs, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a business here in (or near) Haringey who can do something similar, as we still have a decent monitor.

I would prefer a new desktop to a laptop, and after several machines from PC World (and one - probably the longest lasting, from Comet) mainly because I can get a cab home from Tottenham Hale with it (we don't have a car), I'm fed up but need some professional help.

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erm.....if you are thinking of upgrading, spending money, get a macbook..... i have never looked back.... no more crashes and so easy to use 

Just to clarify, I'm looking for advice on getting someone to put together a desktop PC - I don't want a Mac or a laptop computer at this point. Thanks.

Luci I'd agree with Par Sandhu (with one proviso).

I hear you want to continue to use your existing monitor. In that situation, the Mac to consider is the Mac Mini, which is the Mac tailor made for your situation. Despite its small size, the Mac Mini is a desktop personal computer (suggest: consider a good second-hand one).

I have the impression that you associate your computer mishaps with the shops from which you bought them, rather than the operating system that runs on them. This makes no sense to me.

The thing you need to bear in mind is the operating system that runs on a computer, any computer. Mac OS X is built on the industrial-strength, basis-of-the-Internet, UNIX. A cut-down version of which is also the basis for iPads and iPhones that are enjoying popularity.

If you persist along the home-made poxy-DOS-box route running "Windows", the very best of luck to you!

Hi Lucy. My name is Mark, i am living locally and could do this job for you
if you wish. On this website you can find references from four people which used my service.
My contact number 07904607745 and I live on the ladder, Warham and Wightman Road corner.
If you are interested just let me know.

Marek is a very helpful guy. Recommended.

Hi Lucy

Did you find a computers of your dreams?

Marek I don't doubt you're an expert in your field. Would it be fair to say that Help Desks, IT departments, service technicians and Anti-virus publishers are all fans of the clutch of operating systems known collectively as "Windows"?

Yes they are some benefits of using Windows no doubts, but never underestimate the power of old habits and popularity and accessibility of Windows which was achieved by microsoft. Number of Mac users is growing but Mac is not attractive yet especially for virus authors and creators. I have pc and mac at home and so how much my wife wants to use our Mac - only when she has to

Thanks for your message, Marek. No, I've not yet found the computer of my dreams. I was going to contact you, first to see if you can revive either or both of the old machines to rescue any of the files stored on them and back them up on to external hard drives, before I take the new one back to PC World to see if they will repair/replace under guarantee, so I need to do that fairly urgently. I'm trying to plan more annual leave from work but will phone you soon to see what we can arrange. have found the credit card bill relating to my PC World purchase.

We also have a PC laptop and notebook, both of which my partner uses for work but we have been using them at home, and I have some files saved and others I'm hoping might be retrievable. And I have Microsoft Office software, various versions including a recent version which I don't like. For those sort of reasons, a Windows PC would make more sense for me.

Hi Lucy

If your computer is still under warranty from PC World taking your machine over there makes sense and they have an obligation to do it according to their contract. Usually this warranty last exactly one year if you did not pay them any extra money. If your machine is no longer with them you need to pay for repair whatever you bought from them.

Yes we could arrange a consultation meeting and I could see and examine your computer equipment so we will know a bit better what options have we got to choose - revive the existing one or going to build the new one.

Transfering data from the old machines is also possible.

I suspect that you have probably MS Office 2007 or 2010 which significantly changed their interface comparing to the old versions like 2002 and 2003 and not everybody is happy with this solutions. This wasn't the best Microsoft decision but we still have a choice with older ones.

When you are ready just let me know and we could move a few things forward.

I have to say the little computer shop on the corner of mattison road is fantastic and very cheap=I have used  them for mending and buying laptops for some years after some recommendations from here, but I do know they deal with full screen computers just as much- they will be very fair and will give you advice if they cant fix it themselves- cant rate them enough- and always feel i should be paying them at least twice what they charge me, and that would still be a bargain

Hi Luci. How is your computer quest going?



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