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Hi all, looking for recommendations of great local vets please. Getting a dog and want someone kind and trustworthy for long term care...
Thank you!

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I use Zasman http://www.zasmanvet.co.uk/ for my dog and two cats they have branches in Crouch End and Islington ( though the Islington vet is nicer!) not immediate local but close enough.

They also have a branch on Stroud Green (on Tollington Park), which is pretty convenient from the ladder/wightman road.

I like the stroud green branch - the vets there have been really good for our cat(s).

Highly recommend Hills Vet on Park Road.


Going to check them out thank you

I've used Village Vet for 15 years and they are excellent. I see Simon at their Winchmore Hill branch, and they have other branches nearer here. We've always had a high standard of care for all our rescue pets.


If you're thinking of giving a home to a rescue dog, I can recommend some rescue places where there are lots of lovely dogs needing homes.

Thank you - it is a dog that needs a new home. We know the current owners. 

+ 1 for Hills.


Thank you all! 

Have recently used Zasmans on Upper Tollington Park in Stroud Green. I found them really kind, helpful and didn't seem to be looking for extras to make more money.

They are also in Crouch End somewhere.

Hills in Crouch End has a good reputation and there is one the far side of Wood Green who is apparently a good old fashioned single operator. I can't remember his name but if you google vet N22 you will find him.

I used to use RSPCA until recently who are fab but you have to be on certain benefits to use them

I have just switched to Hills as they have a very good reputation and very reasonably priced, with no hidden extras= all my animal friends use them



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