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Have been looking around since we moved in but can only seem to find services that fit cat flaps through through uPVC windows and doors.

Could anyone make our cat extremely happy and recommend someone to fit a cat flap though a brick wall?



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Yes catflap = happy cat! Try Michael Watson tel 07850 610886 www.catflapman.co.uk

Hi Justine, thanks for the rapid reply! Thanks for the recommendation - can I ask if you have used Micheal yourself as I have had a lot of problems getting people from South of London to come up to our area.

I haven't used him as I already have a catflap, but friends of mine have used him before in this area and other HoL members on here have used him. Hope he still covers this area, but I'm sure he'll let you know.

Perfect, thanks again for the reply!

I can endorse Michael the catflapman - he's great, very efficient and friendly and didn't seem to mind coming up to Harringay!

Perfect, thanks for the reply - I've been in touch with him and hopefully got him coming to us next week!




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