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Hi all,

I recently started looking into NCT antenatal classes in Haringey and was surprised by the high cost and seeming lack of venue options close to the ladder. The best course for my due date was 18hrs for £360 at ProjectMe on Park Road. I felt this was quite steep - much more than I was expecting - and the NCT contact explained it was a flat rate of £16.70 an hour and that the more basic and cheaper 'essentials' course was not available in Haringey at all.

A friend gave me the name of her NCT course instructor, who now runs antenatal workshops at http://bumpandbabyclub.com/. I ended up booking a course costing £230 that covers the same content as the NCT course though is a little shorter. They are very organised (had a list of the course content) and explained that they formed bump and baby due to the limitations I was finding with NCT. Although Bump and Baby is listed as Crouch End /Muswell Hill area the venue is the same distance for me as ProjectMe.

I think Bump and Baby Club is a great idea (they also do supper club and other short courses) and for me, the price and set up was a welcome alternative to NCT.

Don't get me wrong I realise NCT probably provides a good service in general - but I felt a bit short-changed in this area in particular.

So if anyone else is looking for antenatal classes here is another option that just might work better for you! 

What are other people's experiences??

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We had to go to Highbury as there was nothing around here. I'd recommend it though.

I guess I got filtered to the crouch end group due to my N8 postcode whereas Tottenham is just as close and may have had a few more options. Oh well. I'll definitely try some nearly new sales though!

I've just been looking into NCT courses as well and was astounded at the cost. For me it seems like a great place to meet people who are going to be in the same boat as you roughly around the same time. I'd be more than happy to look at alternatives.

When are you due? Hope it's all going smoothly so far.

Hi Georgina,

It sounds like you are where I was so deffo check out bump and baby club. Of course do an antenatal class if you can afford it (for the meeting people aspect) but just be aware NCT isn't the only option.

I'm on the ladder at the Hornsey end so the bump and baby venue at the top of Park Road / Priory Road is fine for me even though it is listed as the Muswell Hill / Crouch End class.

I'm due in June. I am also starting the pregnancy yoga class advertised on HoL on Sunday so, as usual, HoL has been most useful!

Hope your pregnancy is also going well!

You can also direct message me if you want any more info that I may be able to help with (I am only learning as I go along this is a first bubba)

Hi, I'm at the top end of the ladder too.

We've just signed up to the Bump and Baby course. Looks just as good as the NCT but a lot cheaper. Thanks for posting the suggestion really helpful.

About 24 years ago when we lived in Whetstone we went to some good NCT classes in North Finchley run by a lady called Gillian Stellman
They were run by Barnet NCT,most lived locally but a couple of couples lived out of the area.
It was for both parents in the evening,invited discussion and was very enjoyable,we are still in touch with one of the couples now.
The cost was high,but we were both working and had no experience of childbirth so decided to enrol.

Nearer to the birth the nurses at the hospital ran some excellent classes too (Royal Free) and these were free of charge for mother only.The emphasis at the NCT classes was for natural birth.this made us do a very strict birth plan which on hindsight my wife could well have done with a little more than gas and air!

Recommend speaking to people who have recently given birth.
Unfortunately there were no classes for what to do when you bring baby home,but then you can join afternoon coffee through the NCT if you can bear around 10 mums with babies/toddlers ruining your sitting room

I hope they no longer brainwash women in that ridiculous way, Nigel. Appropriate pain relief should not only be the accepted norm, but an automatic right. If I were ever to consider these classes I suspect it would be for the social element only...



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