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Hi all

I've been doing some clearing, and with a heavy heart but little space have to part with about 10 years worth of National Geographic and Canadian Geographic magazines (they are in pretty much pristine state - I've read them but otherwise went on the shelf) and think it's the whole run but a few are probably missing. 

It would be a shame to chuck them in the recycling, but I can't hold on to them any longer. Does anyone want them? They might be great, for example, for projects with scout or guide groups, or any art projects. 

Please let me know if you'd like them - pick up only I'm afraid as they are heavy and I don't have a car - or if you have any brilliant ideas of other homes. I'm planning on putting them in the recycling - Violia willing - on the 23rd so let me know before then. 



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Hello Kim,

This sounds like a wonderful offer.

I would really like to take the National Geographic magazines off your hands. 

Please contact me if they are still free to collect,



Super! Will send you a message!


Don't really understand this forum - I think I've just sent you a friend request or similar, that will let me email you directly. If that doesn't work, please text me on 07951 536 009 and we can arrange things. 


Thank you very much :)

Look forward to hearing from you



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