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For the past few years a mystery vodka drinker has been lobbing empty miniature vodka bottles into our back garden from the passageway. It's usually two a night and happens almost every night. I haven't done the maths for the whole period but the photo shows a sample collection of 14 bottles from this week alone. Does anyone else have this problem? Why us? Do we have an alcoholic garden gnome?

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Reckon they nick the bottles from work and drink them on the way home. It is weird that they seem to always target our garden...

Anyone familiar with actuarial science should be able to estimate how long that problem is likely to last if you were to tally all bottles and how long this has been going for. Sadly I am unqualified to help. 

We live on Hermitage Rd - for about 5 years, we had the same brand of vodka, miniature bottle left on top of our front garden wall every Saturday night. They seem to have moved on to one of our neighbours now though!

There is a mysterious Jack Daniels drinker on Sirdar Road N22. For the past few years on a very regular basis, single empty minis, with the cap replaced, would appear somewhere along the lower numbered houses sometime in the night, most every night.  Usually placed on certain garden walls or at the bottom of certain trees.   We haven't seen any recently, although occasional honey Jack Daniels empties still appear in the same area once in a while.



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