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Calling all architecture sleuths...

There is a house near the bottom of Beresford Road that I walk past every day, which has an extra door.  Not a side door or anything, but an extra door RIGHT NEXT to the front door.  I've taken a picture from Google Maps to show what I mean.  And it's the only house on the street with a mysterious bonus door. 



So where does it lead?  Does it lead to a strange, thin house sandwiched between the other two?  Does it lead to an abandoned passageway?  Or does it lead to the bottomless pit from which none may return

Do you live in the house next door to the door?  Do you live IN the strange thin house to which it leads?

Crazed speculation is of course just as welcome as hard facts.  Does anyone else think we should get it sealed off with holy water and a pentagram - just to make sure?


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A surrealist door then ..."  ceci n'est pas une porte  "

A little more related to the Beresford mystery door thing as just developed here.



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