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I have to move to another house in a week and none of the new houses accept my Roxie .

She is 36 kilos female Stafford-shire Bull Terrier red brown dog 3 to 4 years old brilliant  dog.

She understands Greek and English.

I need someone or to keep her till we find the proper house so they can let as take her with as .

I f we cant  the we need a friendly house for her.

YOU CAN call me on my mobile to see the dog..

Thank you

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Can I just say your reply made me burst into tears . I owned a golden retriever and they are such gentle dogs this makes me sick to my stomach. 

How someone could be so evil as to use a dog like this I cannot imagine. I know this is going on more now with men and women pretending they want the dog , but are using them in fights . 

I know you need to get your point across so people don’t just give up their pets but you need to be aware this sort of reply is very upsetting for animal lovers . 

I read it unknowing of its content and it ruined my day . 



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