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This is horrible. I'm glad someone at least tried to help Ms Ogiehor, I can't imagine how upset she must be.


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I have been told the two people responsible for this outrageous behaviour have been identified and British Transport Police also know the identity of the culprits.  

What scumbags 

2 days ago my tenant and her mother were abused at the 41 bus stop at Archway for speaking Spanish.  The abuser - a man of around 60 - took advantage of the fact that they were not under the bus shelter and thus just out of earshot of others waiting at the stop. 

That seems to happen everywhere. A couple of years ago I was in an ironmongers shop in a rural part of the Valencia region in Spain and a youngish woman wearing a woolly hat and pushing an old bicycle entered the shop, literally blew up and verbally abused everyone present for speaking Spanish and not Valencian (the local dialect similar to Catalan).

Hi All

this is my lovely friend and colleague Julia, we are all disgusted by the abuse that she had to deal with on Friday but helped by lots of people on twitter quickly tracked down the two men responsible for this vile attack. If you have followed any of our threads on Twitter you will see the level of detective work taking place was quite something!

British Transport Police have been brilliant and were also on the case very quickly. We have been contacted by the employer of one of the men who have confirmed a full investigation will take place and the golf club has also just confirmed that both have been suspended pending a police investigation.

Julia has been extraordinary brave in speaking out publicly on this matter - I know it wasn't an easy decision for her to to make, sadly its not the first time its happened and I am sure wont be the last, but the tremendous support she has had locally and nationally from people condemning those that carried out this cowardly attack really does restore your faith in humanity.

If you would like to pass on your good wishes to her please do - I know she would really appreciate them.

very best wishes

Cllr Tammy Palmer

Lib Dem Cllr for Crouch End and Tottenham Parliamentary Spokesperson



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