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it used to be 4 - 7pm, but Haringey Council has removed the signs in Jan stating this SO IT IS NOW 24HRS.

Nice of HC to inform us - NOT.

They could have amended the signs to 24 hours for a a couple of months and then removed them. 

But that wouldnt suit the Council, they make a lot more by not informing us. 

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Hands up all those who vote in the very people most likely to implement the policies they despise.

But you just never can tell! If there was a candidate prepared to openly go to war with motorists in the borough, I would vote for them. Even the libdems have wishy/washy stuff about "the environment". It's purely traffic!

There is no 24 hour sign at start of bus lane and half way up a makeshift sign. White paper with 24 hour with masking tape. No such sign is in highway code.

There doesn't have to be a 24 hour sign. It's the default unless there are signs saying otherwise, exactly like the 30mph speed limit in urban areas.

The previous page has a photo of very substantial sign warning that it's 24 hour. Has that been removed?

Just received email this morning from haringey,  they admit insufficient signage & not updating all new signs. &  cancelled my pcn .  Thinking of talking to local paper..  

Thank you for your challenge which we have received with regards to the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

I note that there that there is insufficient and conflicting signage, you have re-checked the location and can see that the older loading restriction signage is still erect near to the top of Muswell Hill.

We have carried out an investigation of the bus lane signs at this location which show that there is more than one blue sign along Muswell Hill as well as yellow instructional signage at the bottom of the hill that informs of the changes. Because there are not any days or times stated on the blue bus lane sign, the restriction is deemed to be operational at all times, every day. The restrictions have changed to 24-hours for Muswell Hill N10 and operate 7 days a week. This was introduced on the south-west side of Muswell Hill N10 between Grove Lodge Gardens and Muswell Hill Broadway and enforcement started on the 5th February 2018.

The dated site-check (below) warns of the 24-hour restrictions to motorists approaching the bus lane as erected by the council.

Below is an example of the restrictions from one of the side roads: Alexandra Gardens cid:image002.jpg@01D3D721.07D50550

There is more than one sign for this bus lane as shown in the site check below:

I note your point raised concerning where you say that when driving up hill past clearly displayed large yellow warning sign but if you are behind a bus or any other large vehicle this cannot be seen in time, however the site check below shows that the information is clear for motorists to see.

This PCN was issued because at 21/02/2018 at 15:36 at Muswell Hill N10 your vehicle was filmed by CCTV in a bus lane at a time when using the bus lane is not permitted. You can view the CCTV moving images of this contravention by following the online instructions on our website:

http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/environment_and_transport/parking.htmI have investigated your point raised concerning old bus lane signage at Springfield Avenue. The Haringey Council Site Check (above) shows the correct Blue Bus Lane signage in place at 16/02/18. Our records do not show updated loading restriction in line with the 24-hour bus lane restrictions. I have forwarded a request to our Site Check team for clarification or if any immediate remedial action need to be carried out with regards to rectifying obsolete signage.

I am on this occasion willing to withdraw the PCN in consideration of the mitigating circumstances described in your challenge. I would point out that I may be unable to cancel any further notices issued in similar circumstances.

Yours sincerely,

H Shah

Correspondence Officer

Haringey Council

PO Box 4789


BN11 9QA

As a visitor to Haringey, I got caught by the bus lane at the top of Muswell Hill at 3pm on a Sunday.  Can anyone tell me whether they improved the signage leading up to this bus lane?  For example, at the bottom of Muswell Hill.  If so, has anyone a photo?

Why were you driving in a bus lane if you hadn't seen any signs indicating it was allowed at that time?

Hi Sheena,  the large yellow warning  sign at bottom of hill that can not  be seen as you drive up the hill especially  if you are behind a large vehicle is now half covered by foilage , i will add picture tomorrow,  i  will also check if  signage is now correct tomorrow. I'm sure conflicting signage is still in situ.. see my earlier reply from Haringey council admitting errors.. ignore wannabe traffic wardens replies.. peace

My friend is a traffic warden.. insufficient and incorrect signage is what I'm told.. &  one of the old conflicting signs was still  visible 2 weeks ago although 90% of signs are now correct... surely it should be implemented correctly at point of change or it's just designed to catch you out.. not a typo..

& the warning sign at bottom of hill is not clearly visible.. they wouldn't admit to so many error in an email......appeal.. I did and you read  the reply... 

councils are running out of cash as they are so badly managed.. start researching maintenance costs on council owned/let properties .. I've seen a blocked gutter cost over £ 5000.00( five thousand pounds) to be repaired it's a scam .. that's where your council tax is going & why they need to try to get money elsewhere.. 

Thanks, Dougie, I am trying to compose a challenge which I must do in next day or so.  Did you manage to check the signage?  

With many thanks




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