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Seems it has become a issue in Russell Park - N22

For people to take vehicles in the Park and play music , late a Night

Also saw a report it happens at Lordship Rec

Aware used to happen at Alexandra Palace, before they spent a fortune on Barriers etc

Not sure if they still close the Road / Park at night

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Maybe partly due to COVID, people wanting to be outside with friends as not allowed to be in doors and much safer 

Not just personal music. But taking vehicles into parks, with music and other Party supplies 

Its a Council parks issue. Police will only get involved if Council Officers require assistance.  As Council did not appreciate minorities being offended

Reason many parks have Bollards fitted to keep out unauthorised vehicles.

Aware it does cause issue for emergency vehicles

Many years ago when a Park Keeper at Finsbury park.  I had a massive skip moving tractor. Gave them a Choice move or get lifted out. Plus them days we had a Dog Section

Plus was a Transport Police Section near by that often come in the park. To exercise their dogs. 

Years ago there was signs stating it a Offense to drive vehicles over and through parks

Again needs assistance of your Elected Ward Councillors 



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