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Murder Investigation Launched after Body Found in Finsbury Park

Following the discovery of a body at the edge of the old cricket pitch in Finsbury Park, the Metropolitan Police have concluded that a person died in suspicious circumstances and have launched a murder inquiry.

The police believe that the young woman who was found died on Christmas Eve. The body was relatively well hidden by the old equipment hut so it remained hidden until today.

While the surrounding 'scene' is  searched for any possible evidence, the whole American Gardens section of the park is closed including the Endymion Road entrance along with the one next to the old cricket pitch on Green Lanes. 

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Photo of flower tributes by Endymion Road gate, tweeted by Harringay Police:

Body of Finsbury Park murder victim was found by friends. Guardian.

The body of a murdered woman who failed to turn up at a friend’s house on Christmas Day was discovered by friends who were out searching for her.

Supt Des Fahy from the Metropolitan police told journalists that “There is a tent used by homeless people, there are a lot of homeless people in the park and that forms part of the inquiry. We are still looking for a motive and are developing the investigation.”

DCI Nicola Wall, who is leading the investigation, said her murder detectives were trying to piece together a timeline of the woman’s last movements. She said: “Our enquiries from CCTV footage have now ascertained that Iuliana was seen on the periphery of the park on Christmas Eve, shortly after 20:20hrs.”

Cards, flowers and T-shirts have been placed near the entrance of Finsbury Park by friends and members of the public.

Seeing all the cards and flowers out there today made me cry. Someone’s sister, someone’s twin. A daughter of parents, so so sad

i run regularly round the park, and on Christmas Eve, started to include that field. And to think on Xmas day I ran round the side of the building where her body was, and I didn’t even notice. It’s just so horrible

seems she was using the park as a short cut home on her way home from a party. Please please people don’t do it, don’t go through a park in the dark on your own

They used to lock the park gates at night - I had to climb out a couple of times! - but have stopped doing so in recent years, probably because of staff cuts. I have walked through there after dusk, and there are usually quite a few people around, dog walkers etc, but this was a bit later on.

I wonder if she was followed in from the street? I notice the press are quickly trying to pin it on homeless rough sleepers in the park.

Apparently Haringey and the park are 'known hotspots for theft and violent crime'. Unlike the rest of London.

I just cannot believe that the rough sleepers in the park (who are miles away near the Endymion Rd entrance BTW) would draw attention to themselves like this. Am I being naive?

Statistically she was most likely to have been murdered by her boyfriend, not a stranger.

She was found dead not far from Endymion Road, in a hut on the edge of the baseball field. Police are also examining a tent and suitcase, apparently abandoned, on the banks of the New River, about 100 yards from where her body was found.

News reports say she didn't have a boyfriend.

The news is so right, all the time. All women have "boyfriends", just not all women know that they have "boyfriends". I think they're called creepy male friends sometimes.

If I recall correctly, Finsbury Park is to form part of a cycle Quietway route which will run through the park from the Endymion to Finsbury Park gate. The entire stretch would be lit. I assume this would result in the park remaining open on a permanent basis.

I have found this case very upsetting. I keep reading the different reports and it seems she had many friends and they all loved her. They went out searching for her. Her family members have also remarked on this. She never did anything to anybody but this happens to her.

tigha, Lydia, dubmill ... feeling the same as yourselves.

( Will make enquires as to why Finsbury Park appears no longer to be locked. Smaller parks are still being locked at dusk. Personally think FP should be as well ).

One of the reasons it isn't locked (at least on some nights and until later on - it could be locked later) is that the park is actually used for organised activities in the evenings, even in winter when it's dark - there's athletics training and other sports activities at the running track, British Military Fitness classes and there's the drum circle and other activities at the hut near the Finsbury Park Station entrance.

Looking on streetview I can not see any lighting on the internal road way or for the paths. That's surprises me if that's the case & it should become a priority for works within the park this year. The ring fenced monies from the concerts can help with the financing. The police can recommend this as a priority & the council should be looking at this in their assessment. 

As far as I'm aware Lew Taylor is still the park manager, among his many other responsibilites but will check. Interesting this article of 5 years ago interviews him about his job & turning around the park after decades of neglect; https://www.theguardian.com/money/2012/jul/31/a-working-life-park-m...;



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