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I don't know who organises these things but Tottenham Lane, Middle Lane and Priory Road are all closed for road-works at the same time. Predictably there is traffic chaos as a result - the whole area best avoided!

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Absolute madness with no available alternatives!

Well there are if you aren't in a car. And they aren't all shut anyway.

Actually Elizabeth - sadly busses are also hugely affected by the gridlock!

Yes my children's buses are on diversion which means they're taking ages to get home from school and college. I'm thankful at least it's summer term so not freezing and dark.

Although I've been getting the W7, W3 and 91 without problems this past week. And the works at the Victoria Stakes junction are essential unless you want the homes and businesses there to keep flooding every time there is heavy rain. 

You are very lucky you don't to use the 41 or 144!

Given the 41 seems to have about 4 x as many buses on the route in Crouch End as the 91 does I'm, not so sure!

Tottenham Lane seems normal this evening.



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