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MOVING HOUSE! Big beautiful potted plants for sale (indoor and outdoor)

We're moving countries and so have a huge amount of stuff to sell. Firstly, are some of my beloved potted plants that I'm hoping will go to a good new local home. :) pictures are below but it looks like I can only post three pics, so message me if you want more photos.

8ft fiddle leaf fig (indoor): £120. This beauty is sculptural and awesome, I am so sad to sell it. It's that plant that all the style bloggers have (ooo la la). I bought it for £80 two years ago when it was much smaller, only 3ft or so, and ones this big go for around £300 online. I'm putting this one on gumtree too, so be quick if you'd like it!

5ft rubber plant in green pot (indoor): £40. Big glossy dark green leaves, beautiful healthy tree in a cool modern pot. This pot alone was £20 I think.

6ft banana leaf plant (not sure of its real name - indoor): £6. This is quite a funny one as it's got this long spindly trunk and a boofy big head. I love it - it's really sweet and adds a great puff of green to our living room.

4ft Christmas tree (outdoor potted): £15. We bought this for £45 at Christmas and repotted it into a bigger pot. It will keep growing all year and then you get to bring it inside for Christmas!

Gorgeous white double orchid: £12. Super healthy, has about 20 blooms right now, so lovely.

Huge healthy aloe vera in bright orange pot: £18

2 x small box hedges (outdoor): £5 for both. I bought these meaning to plant them in our front garden and never got around to it.

5ft potted rose bush (outdoor): £6.

2ft white camellias (outdoor): £6. Two white camellias in one pot.

2ft red camellia (outdoor) in a terracotta pot: £6.

Various succulents, £2-3 each. About seven to sell.

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Great, thanks, I'll take them, also the box hedges if not collected.  Sending you a PM

IM interested in the white camellia and succulents, can collect this afternoon/evening xxx

I'm interested in the fig if you still have it!
Are any of the indoor plants still available? The fig?
The fig is gone, and most of the indoor plants. I still have a huge anthurium lily, three years old and massive and healthy. It has bright red flowers. I'm at work today but can take a photo tonight and post it in case anyone is interested. There are still a couple of small succulents tooo.

The outdoors are gone too. The box hedges and rose bush are still here, but I've promised to hold them for someone until next week.

Hi Marion,

Is the banana leaf plant still available, if so do you have a photo of this one? Also interested in the Aloe Vera if still available 

Thanks Lisa

Is the banana leaf plant gone please? Thanks. Lisa
Sorry, yes all the indoor plants have gone

Is the rubber plant still available?

Sorry all the indoor plants have gone.
Hi there; I'd be interested in the Christmas tree. James
Sure thing! It's all yours. Send me a connection request and I'll give you my address.



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