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Hello there!

My housemate is moving back to France and before she is forced to consider the evil Amazon, I wondered if any had any spare? Bonus if you're near or on the Haringay ladder :)

Thank you,


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Hi Sophie,

I have a few and live in the ladder. DM me if you’re still interested!


Thank you! Sent a request

Hi Sophie.

We’re Wood Green we have about a dozen 40cm x 30 x 20. Approx.

Hi David,

If Sophie doesn't take all of your boxes may I have them please? 



Hi I’m guessing Sophie doesn’t need them so they are all yours. Let me know when you’d like to collect them and I’ll have them ready

Just sent you a message. Thanks David

Hi David and all,

Apologies for the late response, my housemate found some boxes in the loft. Glad others have been able to use the boxes.

Thank you



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