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Moselle Brook commemorated in new Hornsey Park development

Out for a walk with an ex-neighbour yesterday, I ventured up to the new development to the west of Hornsey Park Road, north of Turnpike Lane. Most of the development to the west of Mary Neuner Road seems to be all but completed and building work to the east is well advanced.

The developers appear to be creating some reasonable green spaces. I seem to remember the Haringey Rivers Forum pressing for the portion of the Moselle Brook that runs through the development site to be deculverted  as part of the project. I'm assuming that's not going to happen. A Moselle Brook feature (memorial?) has appeared in its place. It comprises a two-part water feature and a relief map of the brook. 

A 'pocket park' between the road and the railway line, to northern end of the development, is the site of a large block of quarried stone with a relief map of the course of the Moselle Brook through Haringey

Pocket Park looking east. The relief map feature is on the right of the photo. In the foreground is the bubbling element of the accompanying water feature.

Relief map from above. If you zoom in, you can see various locations marked.

Pocket park looking west across flowing part of water feature

Relief map plaque.

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Hugh, I am sorry if what I have written makes you feel the need to be defensive. On the contrary, all your words and those of others are well expressed and tempered to the extent they celebrate this little bit of green space. It’s just the title that suggests the brook might actually be properly commemorated in the new development, while in reality, in my opinion, what has been done falls short of that.

Glad that’s clear then. 



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