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A recent mailer from traffic organisation Living Streets included the following:

As a result of work with Haringey Living Streets, low traffic neighbourhood groups have formed in St Ann’s ward, Bruce Grove and Stroud Green.

I know that the St Ann's one in the areas around Chestnuts Park proposes some clsoures. I suspect the Stroud Green one does too. Many of you will already be aware of recent trials in Crouch End and Hornsey.

I'm pleased for all those areas. I hope they manage to reduce their traffic. But of course that raises the question of where all the displaced traffic will go. Last week's events offer ample demonstration of how little Haringey Council consider the impact of traffic on Ladder roads.

With or without the threat of traffic being displaced from nearby areas, one has to ask if now isn't the time for the Ladder to start considering asking for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood of our own. Local experience suggests that the Council feel bound to accept a 'properly constituted bid' and engage in constructive dialogue. 

The Living Streets mailer also says:

A presentation from Haringey Council’s Head of Carbon Management Joe Baker included the announcement of two further Liveable Neighbourhood bids for Haringey in Tottenham.

I assume that St Ann's is one of these.

If we do nothing, we'll only have ourselves to blame if we find ourselves surronded by yet more traffic free areas. So,

If you would be interested in being put in contact with Haringey Living Streets members in your local area to join one of these groups, or to start your own group, please let us know!

I've written asking if there's already a Harringay group. If not, I know there are people locally who are members. So setting up a group wouldn't be hard. Anyone for tennis?

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Yes, I would be interested

I would also be interested

Thanks to all those who replied. I'm working on getting a meeting with Living Streets who've been doing this elsewhere. It's currently pencilled in for a couple of weeks' time.

See an important update here

Hi Hugh, 

I would be really interested in joining a Harringay/Ladder group. How did your meeting with Living Streets go? 

Haringey Living Streets would apparently love to see a Harringay group set up. The rub is that no one seems prepared to step forward to take a lead. 

Hugh, what do you believe is more important; a neighbourhood plan or a Living Streets group?

I’d say probably a neighbourhood plan. I’d think it’s far more difficult to set up. But, once it’s up and running, it should bring enough energy so that things like dealing with the issues that Living Streets focus on would get picked up to. Which do think think?

Agreed - a neighbourhood plan. As you will know (I attended the Highgate Forum talk you organised a few years ago and have been reading the guide on the neighbourhood planning website), the work involved is considerable. Not least the 21 members required as a minimum to lead and co-ordinate the group. There's also the cost requirement amongst everything else.

Do you think there are enough locals that you have come across, with various levels of time and expertise, that showed real interest in producing a plan? Do you also think this should be very localised i.e. the Ladder or Harringay as a whole?

My preference would be to go for a pan-Harringay approach - no doubt what I think of as Harringay would need to be agreed and may morph through the process.

Finding people is the challenge. I think some behind the scenes cultivating to get an initial group together may be the way to start.  

If you do go for a pan-Harringay approach I may be interested in helping.

There are now Crouch End and Finsbury Park Stroud Green neighbourhood forums set up (it's all on the Haringey website). They both border the Ladder and they span quite large areas. 



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