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More plans to divert traffic to the Ladder - Wood Green High Street closure back on the books

Remember the struggle a couple of years back to stop the closure of Wood Green High Street to all but public transport?

Remember the well-grounded fears that it would drive a huge volume of traffic on to Wightman and the other Ladder Roads?

Remember our relief when the Council apparently listened and withdrew the plans?

Prepare to withdraw your relief. As far as I can understand it, the Council's new transport strategy puts the plans right back on the table.

Page 8, which identifies the plan is attached. For those of you interested in the wider plans. I've also attached the whole chapter. For the whole strategy, see the link above.

Have I read this right? If so, it makes the current rat-running campaign all the more urgent.

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Do you shop in WG Hugh?
So what else do we do about it? I've signed the rat run petition.

I guess we need to get clarification from the council as to exactly what the plans are and how they mesh in (or don't) with the Green Lanes Corridor plan.

Any other ideas anyone?

I can categorically say that the Council does not give two hoots about the views of residents when it comes to its roads.  I have spent years together with various residents groups trying to make the journey under the Hornsey Railway bridge safer for pedestrians and cyclist by slowing down the traffic and widening the pavements.  I can honestly say that we have been rebuffed again and again and very rudely at times.  They say they want Haringey to be greener and want people to walk and cycle but really they are not interested in doing anything and they are not obliged to do anything as there haven't been any road deaths.  I am not surprised if they have come up with some harebrained scheme of pushing traffic away from where the shops etc are on to residential roads.  I wouldn't expect anything else from them to be honest.



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