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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Have a look at the litany of corruption leaving a clear trail behind the last leader.


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But for this post and attached article I would be unaware of this situation. Therefore I think it should remain and not removed.

The post itself is clearly not going to be removed nor is it at risk in its current form. As it is now, it is validly informative.

It would have been removed by now, & you'd be none the wiser, had the issues around the language originally used not been flagged, addressed, & the content already edited before you got to it. See HoL's reply.

Yeh ok, criticizing the incumbent administration is off limits here.

Would be good to have some discussion about the actual topic though.

Again, NOT the point. See Kumari's explanation.

Why are you getting so agitated about this?

I made a mistake, now please engage with the content of the post.

You're making an assumption.

Did the use of capitals affect you?

I am not agitated but evidently the point required emphasis as you didn't appear to get it. 

You also appear not to have noticed that I have indeed engaged, in my very first comment.



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