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Does anyone else get this? My mobile is HTC and I'm with Orange. My mobile works fine everywhere except home (on the Ladder), where being cut off during a conversation is the norm, not the exception. Also, as discussed earlier on HoL, the coverage on my Freeview TV is erratic and stations come and go. I get BBC most of the time but ITV, C4, Channel 5 etc disappear often.

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Can anybody recommend a good aerial installation service?

At the moment. we get Freeview from Crystal Palace and yes, some areas are in a dip. That's why they installed the analogue relay at Alexandra Palace to give better coverage in Crouch End and Hornsey. Alexandra Palace should be converted to digital after April 15th and should inprove things for people currently in the shadow. However, you will need to ensure that your aerial is pointing at AP and not CP.

Thanks John, useful to know.

This info might help:


our digital signal in the Gardens seems fine (though analogue wasn't great), so maybe it's a problem with being tucked away out of range of Ally Palace.



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