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Does anyone else get this? My mobile is HTC and I'm with Orange. My mobile works fine everywhere except home (on the Ladder), where being cut off during a conversation is the norm, not the exception. Also, as discussed earlier on HoL, the coverage on my Freeview TV is erratic and stations come and go. I get BBC most of the time but ITV, C4, Channel 5 etc disappear often.

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I've linked some previous posts about this via a tag under your post.

You can check mobile coverage via this BBC map or via the network operators own maps.

I'm on Wightman Road and get patchy O2 coverage. I get absolutely no TV signal at all so I have to pay for Virign TV instead.


I have the same problem with TV signal Ian, and so have to pay for Virgin TV.  

Our next door neighbours paid to have a digital aerial fitted to the roof of the house but they still get poor signal.  

I've been told it's because we're in a dip and so the signals transmitted (from Crystal Palace?) aren't that strong.

Does anybody know if things might improve when the staged switchover happens on 4 & 18 April?

I live in a dip near the Archway Road and we have a huge block of flats behind us.  Our digital signal is nil so we still have analogue.  I contacted the digital service and asked them about this.  They said that at the time of switchover they will be boosting all signals considerably.  However, whether this will make a difference - who knows?

If you get a reasonable analogue signal you should get digital OK. Perhaps your aerial is pointing at Alexandra Palace which should start transmitting digital after April 15.

Bear in mind that if you have an old or cheap aerial then that may not be good enough for digital.  It never ceases to amaze me that people spend £1000 on a TV and then use a 30 year old aerial with it!

I have the same prob as you Josephine, limited vodaphone coverage on the ladder, was thinking of changing but sounds like others arent much better- Also always losing channels on my box, thought it was my prob until I saw on other posts here that many others have similar probs - hope it improves when the changeover happens

We had very patchy TV reception when we lived in Crouch End, but having very recently moved into the area our TV reception appears to be quite decent (Westbury Avenue area).  The most likely culprit is a poor aerial, so I'd get that checked out or replaced before signing up for an expensive satellite contract.  Most of London *should* have strong reception unless you're really right in the shadow of a hill, and the ladder is sufficiently far from Ally Pally for that to be a major issue.

Hello, the tv signal comes from Crystal Palace now, so it's a bit patchy by the time it gets to us (bring back Ally Pally transmitter, I say!).  We got a signal booster which has sorted out our digital TV reception - but it wasn't cheap. 

I believe that Ally Pally is still active and is actually a relay station that relays the Crystal Palace signal.  I found a site recently (sorry, don't have the link to hand) that had all the power outputs and it looks like in April the digital signal power will increase by a huge amount.  

I bought a good signal booster a while ago, but it only cost about £25.  I can root out the model if anyone's interested.

Yes please!

Oh, it was cheaper than I remembered -- Optima DA4, which you might even be able to pick up for under £12: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Optima-Professional-Distribution-Amplifier-...



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