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Our large green lidded recycling bin disappeared from our Duckett Road front garden yesterday or last night, marked 73 - anyone seen it?

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There were 2 bins dumped early and noisily this morning in Clarendon Road. One of them has a 73 on it..

Thanks!  I'll come and have a look...

How strange and intriguing. Please let us know the outcome. 

HI, just been up to Clarendon Road and no sign of the errant bin.  Has it been removed since you saw it?  

There are 3 clarendon roads in the area. The bins are on N15.  Sorry should have been clearer.

Ahh, could be mystery solved!  Will come up now and have a look at this Clarendon Road...

Bin successfully located and back where it belongs.  Thanks to Audreyp and to all forum contributions throughout the day, accompanying me on my search, what a great example of the forum in action!  

Drunken lark theory gains credence in how they were left, on their sides, time of the morning, and noise involved.  Fact that left alongside another bin makes me think bin-racing may be a thing..

Tch! Those bloody larks. First we get nightingales waking all and sundry and now miscreant larks! Glad to hear bin and owner are reunited. 

Did you go to the right Clarendon Rd - Google Maps says there is an n15 and n22 one nearby

'This may indeed be one of our Seventy-Three Pipe Problems, my dear Watson.'

'Perhaps the Clarendon 73 was a mere decoy, Sherlock, to throw us off the scent.'

'Or the stink indeed. What do you suggest?'

'Shouldn't we visit all the 73s on the thirty-or-so roads of Ladder and Gardens?'

'Precisely, Watson. Just what I suspected. So when are you going to start your visits?'

'Well, now - if you insist.'

'But do not overlook Wightman 73 on your way.'

'Elementary, my dear Holmes.'

'Meanwhile, I have some pipes to smoke as I await your return.' 

Looking forward to results of this investigation!

Ah, my dear Watson, a Three Road Mystery apparently. 



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