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Our grey and white cat has been missing for 48 hours. His turf is between Pemberton and Mattison Road below the school but he might have strayed further afield. If anyone has seen him can they please let me know, and can you also check your sheds etc. if they’ve been open recently. Thanks.

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Where have you been for five days, putting us through all this you bastard? But this time you’re forgiven for waking us up at three in the morning.

Looking a bit thin there though, Frankie.

And also a bit smelly if you don’t mind me saying.


I think he’s over any trauma now. That doesn’t look like an insecure sleep posture.

Nothing several days of Dreamies and fastidious cleaning won't resolve! Welcome home, big man!

(Handsome lad, so he is!)

He certainty is big.

And you can’t see it from the photos, but he’s also monogrammed. If you look at him from above the white stripe on his back is in the shape of a stretched F.

Glad he’s home. ☺️ 



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