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Please help us find Parker, he has been missing for 2 week. 

He's a 7 year old large black cat, neutered and microchipped, very friendly but hides from loud noises. He could be stuck in a shed or hiding somewhere. 

He's always been a wandered but never for this long, we live at the top of Seymour Road and Wightman road. 

Please help us, we miss him desperately. Any news please. 

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sorry to hear this, I hope you find him soon

what a beauty.  i really hope you find him.  I'll share this post on the Quernmore Road FB page.

Have you put notes through your neighbours doors? When my cat went missing he was stuck in a shed but very luckily I had put a note through the owners door and so she found him. I do hope he comes back soon.

There is a notice on Raleigh Rd about a found black cat wearing a blue collar and bell. Contact 074294 45100. Hope you find jom soon.



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