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UPDATE he has been found/came home.

thank you to all who shared and commented.

Dear all

we are hoping for a little help as our 9 year old cat has gone missing (1week now since 29th July) and he is like our child .
You may spot him in your back garden or possibly even got stuck inside a shed as cats are very curious . You may have witnessed a cat fight or an attack from foxes as we have plenty in our area .
We hope a car has not hit him but please let me know if you spot anything in the street
He is a half tabby and half exotic making him a much longer cat than your average tabby . He is slim in the front and heavier in the back - weight 5.5kg he has distinctive patters on his body such as between his shoulders and up to his neck he has what looks like a bird outline.

we have posters out on a few streets.
Thank you in advance

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I’m sorry to hear your lovely cat is missing. What area are you in? Will keep a look out if local.

this cat was spotted by my neighbor outside Jennings bet on the 4th of July. I can't tell if it's your cat but if you think so, this may be a place to look for it.

Did you find your cat?. Was so hoping it was the one in the photo above xxx

Thanks but no not him, he’s been missing since 29th July.

Did you find your cat? I saw a very pretty striped tabby with a long tail on Avondale road late last night that I’ve never seen before. He had a collar on and was in the middle of the street. When I approached he hissed at me!

Hi thanks, no collar on ours as he always took them off. Still no sign of him

All, UPDATE - he has come home this morning, he was crying like no tomorrow waiting to come in.

thank you to all who shared and commented.



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