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Small black cat without a collar seen many times on Seymour Rd. Seems hungry and a bit desperate. Is this your missing cat?

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I have seen seen a young black cat hanging around bottom end of mattison road, although not for a few days, very friendly and looked well cared for. But as he was trying to get in peoples houses I did knock on a couple of  doors to see if they owned him. I was told they thought he belonged to someone on the street. I was going to put a collar on him to see if i could speak to the owner but not seen since. Could be the same cat. If i see him again, i will def do that. shouldnt be wondering on the road unless he has a death wish

A black cat lives at the top of Matterson Rd, I think it is number 12 the cat is very friendly and goes by the name Dragon.

We've had a young black cat that wondered in last weekend. Took her to the vet and found the owner. Does this one have a faint spaying mark on the left side? 

Peter it maybe the same black cat I have been worried about but he is always near the bottom of Mattison. Seems all the neighbours round there know him as he keeps trying to get in everyone’s house. I have now put a collar on him and asked the owner to call me. As it’s a bit worrying seeing the little thing out on the road all the time and so close to green lanes

Do you think this is the same cat as in my picture? 

i am not sure if this is the same cat, as said the cat I knew is from number 12 which is at the top.

And the black cat at the bottom of Mattison  also has a loving home, with a catflap,  is just a cheeky little girl 



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