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Hi there. We are missing our cat Juliet believed to have gone missing in the last 12 hrs.

She is Falkland Road way is 12 years old and friendly but scared of loud bangs and sudden movement.

She has run away due to another cat in the area scaring her off.

If you see her can you phone 07812 987727 or 07507 463593 and we would be so grateful we'd sort you some sort of reward.

She is chipped.

Thanks - Ailsa and Simon

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Could we ask everyone to check their sheds around there. She's really inquisitive and may have gone in to someone's shed or small storahe area somewhere and then it's been locked.


keep an eye out for her i am in the Gardens 

We are told she may be around number 104 way - spotted there about an hour ago. If you see her let us know and we will go get her!

We still haven't had Juliet return home. We've put some posters up today, please please can you take two minutes to check sheds and garages - she really might be locked away by accident somewhere, all it takes if a few seconds to open a door and check and could bring her back home to us. She is very sorely missed right now.

She has been spotted and fed on Lausanne Road yesterday. Please keep eyes peeled!

We've now put some more posters up, please look out for her - she has been fed on Lausanne Road yesterday -  https://nextdoor.co.uk/news_feed/?post=17592188940956 - she is wandering through the gardens looking for some food and maybe a new home as she's got scared from where she is. She's very friendly. Please feed her - she likes cat food in jelly - and if you can do this safely, please, just keep her in a sealed room and call us immediately, we will come and get her asap and as I said, there's a reward for this. We are fitting a microchipped catflap after all of this, so she will have a quieter life from now on hopefully if we can get her back!!

Will keep looking out for her, fingers crossed she is found quickly. Lots of flyers should work well.

Remember to contact microchip company and check that they have your correct contact details.

It's also useful if you put her details on Animal Search as local volunteers will then be notified.

I have publicised with Stokey Cats & Dogs and they have shared on their facebook.

After 5 days just found her on Lausanne Road. Phew! On second lunch already. All fighting fit!

Great news

That's great news!

I will go take the posters down later and thanks for all those looking out there

I have seen lots of the posters on the pavement and on the street. (Fairfax rd) Was there no bin nearby? 



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