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Has anyone seen our black bengal cat (male), he is a large and totally black cat.  Cosimo has not been home for about 10 days - we have already asked around and been up and down the roads calling him.  He has gone before for a night or so, but always comes back and is not hungury - so I assume someone else has been feeding him.  He is quite loud similiar to Siamese.  He does not have a collar, but is micro chipped.

He will probably be around Hewitt/Seymour or along the canal.  If you think think you have seen him please, please call me as we are no really worried about him.  He is a well loved cat and we want him home.

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Obviously meant to say that we are "now" really worried about him.  Please reply if you think you may have seen him.

Hi Martha, will keep my eye out. I think I may have seen him on Burgoyne Rd before (weeks ago), is he quite friendly? because the one I saw was. Anyway will look out for him, hope he's back soon.

How big is he ? I saw a large all black cat on a shed roof this week
I also have a black cat but he was indoors at the time.
We are lower part of ladder between Alison and Beresford.

Just Billy - He is a long and thin cat and looks bigger than your usual domestic moggie.  I will try calling him around Alison/Beresford.


Sally - thanks we have tried calling him and asking about today on Burgoyne.  I seem to remember a previous post talking about a loud bengal on Burgoyne, so may not be our Cosimo.  


No the loud Bengal cat isn't black, so is a different one.

Will look out for him as he does look familiar so perhaps he travels to Burgoyne! Apparently Bengals can roam quite far. Fingers crossed he's home soon.

Hi Splinx - there is a picture as an attachment under the original message.  Please let me know if you think you might have seen him - he's still not back.

Just to update - Cosimo has been found 6 weeks later in Bounds Greens!!  Thanks for everyone who kept an eye out for him.

Wow, how the hell did he get there??? So glad you got him back.

There is a black cat which has been around since March 2012 and looks like your cat. It has a distinctive loud cry and is fighting a lot with other cats in gardens of Duckett Road and Cavendish Road. Glad you've found your cat! Great that your cat is microchipped. Is your cat neutered? I think the black cat we see fighting a lot may need neutering so that it does not fight so much with other cats.



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