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Mid-terraced house prices in Duckett Road or surrounding roads in April 1991


I’m after actual or advertised price data for freehold mid-terraced houses on or within a 2 mile radius of Duckett Road, for the year 1991.

So, if your house is freehold mid terraced and sold in this period, I’d be interested to know the sale price. Or if you have old local papers from the time with houses for sale in the area, that would be very useful. I plan to visit museums / libraries after lockdown to access old back issues of eg Hornsey Journal, Haringey Advertiser to access this information.

The Land Registry has sales data online, but not as far back as 1991. Ditto for online property sites. I’ve phoned multiple estate agents on Green Lanes, but they don’t hold data back to 1991.



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Hi Maurice, 

Did you have any success with your challenge?

I am interested in challenging my band also - I'm in Hampden Road and my house is in Band F which seems way too high!

Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks so much

Land Registry gives info on individual property sales prices from 1995 onwards. It’s not 1993,but I'd have thought close enough to be helpful. I had a quick look at Duckett as an example and all the Nineties prices I saw were sub £100k. From what I remember, house prices on the Ladder in the early Nineties were very much more driven by decorative order than by size. I think the N8 end was slightly more expensive than the N4 one in those days. Wouldn’t it be sufficient to show that even in 1995 prices were lower than Band F?

This is a legal process. The evidence they’ll accept is tightly circumscribed. Evidence outside 1991-1993 is suggestive (perhaps even very highly so), but it needs to be back filled with documentary evidence for within the 1991-1993 window. On my road, there’s a small ‘hotspot’ area of F bands, around 25 properties or less. The other 75 properties are all in lower bands. 

We bought our house on Warham Rd in 1996 and paid £104k. We looked at a number of houses on the ladder during that period and it was slightly more. Our neighbours were shocked that houses were £100k and more 

The post 1993 evidence for sub £120,000 prices in 1991 is there. I’m asking for very specific time bound information: 1991-1993. And it has to be documentary evidence, as I’ve explained in the various threads. There’s a standard of proof required to pay £000s of pounds to people like me who have been overpaying for years, as Karen has found 

Hi Maurice

have you investigated whether these data are held by LonRes? A paid for sales and market data company used by those in this field. 


As an individual I doubt you can get an account but you might speak to some local agents to see who has a lonres account and if they would undertake some paid research for you. 

As a follow up to this I might suggest speaking to https://www.prickettandellis.com/ as they are the only local agent I can immediately think of that have a valuation department 

Thanks for these suggestions, Rob. I’ll follow up. 

The sceptic in me says LonRes is highly unlikely to have anything more than a few data points back to 1974, less likely still in Harringay. 

I’ll also give Pickett a call.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Let me know how you get on. I also have another suggestion as I was involved in a project regarding sale prices for the period 1987-1992 (although not round here) but I suspect it would be a much more expensive route to go down! 


If you’ve been following all the various threads, I posted a reply to Hugh within the hour highlighting a large £2.5m Crouch End mid terrace in band E (1 mile from me). Also, only 9% of properties in England are in band F and above. I think searching for freehold terraces in Stroud Green / Crouch End will get me the comparables data I’m seeking (though not the price data). If that property is E, mine should be in a lower band to E. 

No luck, Rob

LonRes data for that period in north London is non-existent 

Castles in Hornsey may get back to me, but I very much doubt it



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