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IT WILL come as no surprise to anyone, that details of the current operations of M15 are not publicly available.

"Not publicly available" ...

was the official and remarkable description of the status of Minutes of the Finsbury Park Stakeholder group, a body that early in the year, was claimed would ensure that residents have a voice on the future of events in our park [q.v.]

I made a further Member's enquiry on 31 July; Councillor enquiries are supposed to provide a quicker response than a regular FoI request. Following a delay of one month – that included discussion with the Chief Executive of Haringey Council – I managed to extract copies of the formerly top-secret Minutes (attached).

I hope that in future we can avoid the nonsense of restricting public access to this group, that may yet benefit from more scrutiny and transparency.

Clive Carter
Haringey Councillor

Liberal Democrat Party

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Hi Jessica

I regularly respond on Harringay online. The party isn't actually in the area I represent but that's not important of course and will encourage other Cllrs from elsewhere. Great to hear that there will be local stalls and artists. I am sure people will come from across the borough and not just Harringay.
Good Emina, so residents can expect minutes from that meeting? In the meantime it would be good for feedback please.

By dividing residents up along your political boundaries you do them a disservice. Alan and Zena never gave that excuse and Alan's ward wasn't even in Harringay!

Openness?  Freedom of Information?  Published agendas and minutes; public documents?  Where do you think we live?  In *West* Germany?

They're protecting you from yourself, John.  You seem to have forgotten that if they told you these things they'd have to kill you.

Hi Karen

As you can see from my previous post I committed to requesting that the minutes be made public and I did make the request at the meeting.

I asked my dad for the car once. I told my friends I would. They were depending on me for a ride. I could not get over their faux disappointment at not getting the ride. I mean, I ASKED!

John, I cannot understand why the recent meeting should be any more secret than previous meetings. What on earth is there to hide?

If the Minutes for this group are not published within a reasonable period, I will make a further Member's request insisting on their publication. 

In the meantime, it would be good to have an account of what was discussed at Wednesday's (private) meeting.

This thread is not about MI5; we're talking about our public park!



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